Nails Of The Day: Inglot 722 Yellow Nail Polish

I am a fan of a yellow nail polish for a long time already and I even posted one shade of yellow before.

But I wanted the other shade of yellow for this SS and it was BEFORE I saw Mimosa, so no, this purchased was not influenced by Chanel. I just couldn’t find the shade I wanted for a long time.   But luckily I’ve managed to find it at Inglot. By the way, they have 4 or 5 yellow nail polishes from very pale, almost white pastel to a dark orangey yellow.

So here is the nail polish which I’ve got.

To tell the truth, you need some skills to apply it as this nail polish is unforgiving and it will show all the imperfections. And yes, everyone will look on your nails when you are wearing such a bright yellow.

After some errors I’ve managed to paint my nails but I still can’t say that I am very happy with the effect. But practice makes perfect as we all know.

To make this nail polish look nice I would recommend three layers and a shiny top coat (I’ve used Seche Vite). Just make sure that you let the previous layer dry before you apply the other one or it will smudge all over the place and will take it forever for all three layers to dry. As you can see, it’s time consuming so probably not for everyone but as I am really happy about the shade, I think I will use it when I have time.

Just for you to know, not all Inglot nail polishes have the same formula, I’ve tried quite a few and it really depends.

And do you like yellow nail polish? Is it Chanel inspired or not? What is your favourite nail polish for SS?

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