Nails of the day Little BU Sofia and Cecilia nail polish swatch

I have promised you to show my sweet baby cousin Sophia wearing the little BU nail polishes. I knew that she’d get excited but had no idea she’d get THAT excited.

On the photos you can see her wearing Sofia and Sofia and Cecilia on the middle finger. I did her manicure and she did mine with Cecilia, there was no way I’d let her paint all my nails (or should I say hands?!lol) with Sofia. One finger was enough to see that it was a bad idea. Anyway, my little girl got so excited that she made me paint her nails and toe nails every single day as it would wash off every night (in the bath).

I would highly recommend these nail polishes if your daughter/niece/cousin etc loves nail polishes but you don’t want to paint her nails with the ‘nasty grown up’ nail polishes.

Sophia would  show her nails to everyone. Gosh, she is such a girl!

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