Nails of the Day: Maybelline Wonder Violet

Today I am wearing  a purple nail polish which is perfect for fall!

Some people like it, some say it’s too much. And what do you think? I know that not everyone would wear purple/blue/green nail polish but I personally think they all are pretty and would wear almost any colour 🙂

I have 2 coats of nail polish on the photo and  I have to say that it looks much better in real.


  1. please!!tell me where did u buy these nail polishes….i don’t find them till now…i was seeing the web page.n actually those colors are not published yet==why???uh ….oh also what’s the difference between mini colorama n colorma one??? send me a message

    • Hi, Emerald
      I am not sure what is different, maybe just the name.
      This is strange, these nail polishes are available at every Maybelline counter, maybe you should ask in store?!


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