Nails Of The Day: ncLA Nail Wraps in I am Your Muse

I have never tried nail wraps before so was kind of excited to get ncLA ones from Zuneta as a Christmas gift. Thank you!

Although  I love simple nails, this design, called I am Your Muse, is right up my street, as it is red base with black lace. And this could not be more me…

Here is how the set looks like, you get get a nail file, besides the wraps.

How to apply?

Use base coat, wait until it is dry, apply a wrap (make sure it’s all smooth), remove the excess with the nail file, add a top coat.

As I have never used nail wraps before, I have nothing to compare ncLA to. But I really, really like these! They are easy to apply and remove, look natural, not like a sticker, you know, and last for a very long time, especially if you are careful.

I’ve had mine on for six days and removed them because I’ve got a new nail polish for my Birthday and wanted to try it!

If you are into nail art  and interesting designs that don’t take forever to “create”  I would totally recommend ncLA wraps. I will have to look what other designs they offer actually to see if I like anything, as the quality is great!

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