Nails Of The Day: Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruities Nail Polish in Strawberry Fizz

I encourage my friends and readers to experiment with the colours they wear. So I thought I should do it, too! This is why I went out and bought this barbie pink nail polish.

Now seriously, me wearing such nail polish is like a lady with a  very conservative taste wearing a black nail polish.

I only love pink in lip  products and blushes, everywhere else – it’s a big n0-no for me!

My favourite pinkish nail polish is Rimmel’s Funtime Fuchsia  but it is more of a bright fuchsia pink. I also have Essence Vip Appeal which is like a dusty pink . It was a huge deal for me to wear it.

I am a big fan of other Rimmel nail polishes so was curious to try this one out. And although I like Lycra Pro (see here and here) and 60 Seconds  (see here and here) the best, this one is nice, too.

It retails for £2.99 only and, although it dries as quick as the other nail polishes,  it chips much faster. And I assume that you won’t be able to detect the fruity scent with the top coat on. And it smells really nice actually!

It was a new experience for me and, although, I liked it, to tell the truth, I am not sure if I will be wearing Strawberry Fizz in the future. Maybe only in summer. It is very strange to see such kind of pink on my nails. And I bet my friends will be shocked when they see it, too.

I think this would make a great present for a girly girl! It’s pink, smells of fruits and is really affordable! What else  do you need?



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