NARS Blush in Orgasm. Review and Cheek Swatches

For the first time I heard about NARS because of their names : Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Deep Throat, Striptease and a lot of others. But the most famous name is Orgasm of course. Several years ago when I didn’t read any beauty blogs and I didn’t have my own I still heard a lot about this blush so it’s obvious that it’s the first item that I got from NARS. And since that my NARS collection is growing bigger. Even this week I got a new NARS blush.

What is written about NARS blushes?

They are £ 19.50, $26

Made with transparent pigments for a soft and sheer look. Imparts a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone and may be worn alone or layered together for more depth and intensity.

  • Provides a sheer, natural hint of color
  • Made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness
  • Broad selection of shades

This is how Orgasm looks in a pan

And here is a close up of the colour in the daylight, my impression and cheek swatches

To be honest when I got this blush and tried it I was disappointed with it because everyone said how great it is and I was expecting some kind of a miracle but nothing that special really happened.I was waiting for the colour that would change my life and the way I think of a blush, ha! So I was using my other blushes but after a while I wanted to give it another try.

The quality of the blush is amazing, there is no doubt about that but the shade wasn’t really working for me at first. But now I use it with MAC 187 and I love the effect this brush creates. But I wish Orgasm had less shimmer/glitter in it because I don’t like it on myself that much and I think it would be so much better without it. And I realized that this shimmer was the reason I didn’t like the blush when I tried it for the first time.

So here is how it looks like on the cheeks,  as if you just had a walk in the frosty weather and your cheeks are naturally blushing.  So what’s the conclusion?

Although Orgasm  shade is not the best shade for myself I will be getting more NARS blushes because I find them amazing: pigmented, there are a lot of colours and such blush will last you forever. And one more thing! Even if everyone likes something don’t get it without trying yourself, it will save you some money, believe me.

And what about you? Do you have NARS Orgasm? What is your favourite NARS blush shade? I’d love to get Madly.

PS. If you are interested what gloss I am wearing -it’s Paul & Joe and you can read my thoughts about it here

You can purchase it from SephoraSelfridges or

9 thoughts on “NARS Blush in Orgasm. Review and Cheek Swatches”

  1. My first and only blush until now from Nars is obviously Orgasm and yes, if only it had less shimmer cuz the color is nice! For a blonde with blue eyes like me is like a subtle bronzer but I need a semi-tan to wear it better.
    It’s nice to have Orgasm… on your cheeks! 😀

  2. it looks great on you. I always wanted Nars Orgasm but I have found out that it has a lot shimmer in it, now I have Nars Deep throat in my wishlist 🙂

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