NARS Cosmetics Tribute to Asia: The Bento Box Set

If you are a fan of Asia and NARS you’re gonna love this new limited edition set inspired by Kabuki makeup and created by Francois Nars.

This set contains  a handmade bento box and 2 porcelain cups with matte lipsticks with a rich pigmentation and vitamin E. The colours are Maiko – a vivid red and Sakura – a bright pink. There is also a handmade lip brush for precise application.

This is how the set looks like! There is a very limited quantity so if you want to get one, be sure to join the waiting list which is already available at NARS. The price for the US should be $125. I am not yet sure about the other countries.

Will you be getting it?

6 thoughts on “NARS Cosmetics Tribute to Asia: The Bento Box Set”

  1. funny how u cant find swatches of these lipsticks anywhere. I think people buy this set and never use it, they just stare at it and worship it. How stupid. I CAN afford to buy it but won’t, I think it’s disgusting how overpriced it is and believe me it is very overpriced. Mr Nars is laughing all the way to the bank at the schmucks who actually waste that much money on two ugly lipsticks, and u don’t even get much of the ugly duo. Sorry not for me. I would however buy the lip brush if they sold it seperately, I do like the artisan brushes, those I think are worth the price, very well made and a work of art.

    1. Hi, Elisabeth
      I saw only the swatches of the red shade. I don’t think that I would get this set myself but I wouldn’t mind getting the original Japanese lipsticks (saw some photos and they are beautiful)

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