NEOM Organic Treatment Candle Refresh Review. Rave

Remember this post about my recent beauty purchases?

Well, I did keep the candle for myself. Don’t worry, I’ve got something different for my friend, so I am not that horrible. And, oh dear, it is  divine. I really should have got a NEOM candle earlier. The only problem is that now I kind of want all of them…

NEOM Organic Treatment Candle Refresh Review rave

The one that I have is called Refresh  and it has the notes of Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil. These are  great pick-me-up notes for dull  late Autumn/Winter season, when the day gets shorter and we get less sunshine, and it gets colder and, often, gloomier.

Unlike cheap candles, this one is made with pure essential oils,  so the it feels your whole room with an invigorating and cheerful scent.   And natural vegetable waxes, which make the burning process clean and pleasant.

I have a travel version which retails for £15, and you get 55 gr; it should give you up to 20 hours burn time, according to NEOM.

I would definitely recommend these candles as a treat for yourself or as a lovely present.

Now I just have to choose which one I should get next time. Any recs?

NEOM is available from Look Fantastic.

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