New Beauty Purchases

I haven’t posted about my new beauty and makeup purchases in a while, although I did feature them on Instargam, so here is a round-up.

Let’s start with beauty, I’ve actually got three products from Kiehl’s.

Original Musk Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser which I’ve got after reading all the raves from Sandra, and for some reason I was expecting a more intense scent but I still like it.

I’ve also decided to finally try the hyped up concentrates – Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Morning Reviving Concentrate. I will definitely write detailed reviews later on, but so far I can say that on my very dry skin I can’t use them on their own, as I often do with serums/oils, I have to use a cream on top.

Finally, beauty wise, although I did not buy this product myself, and it was a gift from a friend, I’ve decided to mention it, as it is such a  cool one – Tromborg Aromatherapy Body Oil Lavender Rose Tree (which I have already included in my favourites). From the motto ‘Scandinavian mood’ to luxurious packaging, nice formula and divine scent – it is as good as it gets.


As for makeup, it was all about Chanel, YSL, Smith & Cult and Max Factor.

I was obsessed with the idea of getting that LE Chanel Rouge Noir Illusion D’Ombre, as it was sold out so quickly when it initially came out.  I really love the shade but I can’t quite figure if I love the formula or not yet.

However on the other hand, I do adore YSL Faux Cils Mascara, it is  a real game changer, a cult classic, it does everything that is promised, you get phenomenally voluminous and ultra black lashes, I am a big fan.

Besides Chanel, I was also after those Smith & Cult nail polishes. I’ve wanted one as soon, as I just saw them for the first time. I’ve decided to buy one shade to begin with, and ended up getting Dark Like Me (Lovers Creep is also on my list). Will report back about my impression!

Finally, I have bought a new top coat, I just realised that all my top coats dried out, so I’ve just picked up the first one I could think of. Since I am a huge fan of Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish line, I’ve wanted to give a top coat a try, too.

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I should really post my current beauty wish list at some point soon…


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