New Beauty Purchases: First Aid Beauty, NUXE and Matis

I have been very good with the beauty shopping lately, or at least I want to think so, and have been getting some other things instead. So I have only picked three items recently ( I am about to buy a new Kerastase shampoo,  foot cream,  new face SPF, and a body scrub to be fair, but those are the products that I need).

New Beauty Purhases First Aid Beauty and Nuxe

I have finally bought  First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads x60 (got them for £22 from here with free shipping),  and so far I really like the mild formula and the visible results. Review coming later.

I have also picked up a mini set from NUXE which includes a cleanser, body cream and a cult NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil, which is the reason why I’ve got the set.  Although I do have several oils, they all are in big bottles and since August is the month when I am away on a holiday (FINALLY), this will be very handy. You can buy  a 50 ml bottle for £17 from Feel Unique.

Finally, I’ve also got Matis Reponse Vitalite Energising Cleansing Emulsion (not shown) which is for stressed and  dull skin, according to the brand. It has a refreshing scent and a nice light texture, it is a great cleanser for summer,  and I will be sure to write about it in more details later.

Makeup wise, I want to pick up Inglot’s contouring powder and maybe a navy gel eye liner. And what is on top of your wish-list?

Inglot HD Sculpting Powder all shades

3 thoughts on “New Beauty Purchases: First Aid Beauty, NUXE and Matis”

  1. Супер! Супер! Супер! Обожаю такие тона.. мне кажется они каждой девушке подходят.. правда не все умеют их правильно применять =)

  2. I’m glad that you’re liking the FAB pads so far, they’re some of my favorite exfoliating acid products! I also find that I can stretch them out a bit further if I cut them in half 😉

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