NEW Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation

Take a look at the beautiful promo image of the new Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation which will be out in October. Here is how it is described:

“This foundation perfectly evens out the complexion, minimizing pores’ appearance and concealing imperfections.¬†Enriched with chlorophyll from plants that brings oxygen and filters pollution, it leaves the skin pure and fresh.¬†Its formula melts onto the skin for a no mask effect. ”


  • Non-pore blocking, oil-free formula
  • Anti-shine, natural rice powder
  • Dermatologically tested.”

I love the name of this foundation and would love to try it.


10 thoughts on “NEW Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation”

  1. In Spain it is already on sale. Of course I grabbed one! Here you have some spoilers: It has a fresh feeling when you put it on, has a lovely semi-matte finish that looks very natural and feels very comfortable on the skin, I found it similar to the Healthy Mix also from Bourjois but more enhancing colour range and that it is organic. Waiting to know what you think about it!

  2. I also got one in SPain and had TERRIBLE results. Wont blend, looks HORRIBLE!!! like oil on water!! foundation gets into pores but in the rest of ths skin looks transparent. hard to explain but I threw it away directly. Really disappointed, I rather use my make up forever HD…

      1. So so sooo dissapointed! thought it would be great and has been a total let down… didn’t even realise I had a dry chin until this foundation all clinged to it! I also get slight redness on my nose and it covered it for about 1/2 an hour and then I just looked shiny… really want to know how people are applying this to get a good result (if they are).

        1. I am sorry to hear that Gemma. I wanted to get this foundation for myself but the girl at the counter told me that it’s no the best foundation by Bourjois and that it is quite hard to apply it.

  3. LOVE this foundation. Goes on dry, blends in beautifully and actually made my skin feel good. Also the color, I chose 53, matched my olive skin perfectly.

  4. Love it. Colour is beautiful. Blends really well. It’s not the fake stuff so a little patience applying which is better for your skin. Leaves you looking healthy!

  5. i tried it as foundations of quality are limited in egypt. the foundation is okay.. better then the fake brands here BUT if its really hot weather like egypt.. as soon as your face sweats it will streak… its not waterproof. but in cold weather or moderate not bad foundation. also i paid like 25$ for it! loreal true match is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better and cheaper.

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