New Bourjois Intense Extract Eye Shadows and Eye Brush

I was happy to find out about the new pot eye shadows by Bourjois which are called Intense Extract Eye shadows (€ 10.95).

It is written that these are packed with the pigment which gives intense colour and depth. They should  last for 16 hours without fading or smudging.

There is also a brush( €6.90)  that comes with a foam applicator with which you can use the eye shadows both dry and damp. And there is a also a  soft brush which is great for using the eye shadows all over the lid.

The eye shadows look promising in the pan, would really love to try them. There are 10 shades and they are:

  • Extrait 01 un beige doré
  • Extrait 02 un miel
  • Extrait 03 un rose frais
  • Extrait 04 un violet
  • Extrait 05 un vert profond
  • Extrait 06 un bleu pétrole
  • Extrait 07 (not sure about the name)
  • Extrait 08 un brun sienne
  • Extrait 09 un brun moka
  • Extrait 10 un noir fusain

Which one do you like the best?

8 thoughts on “New Bourjois Intense Extract Eye Shadows and Eye Brush”

  1. these look really nice,pigmented and vibrant.i don’t like the current eyeshadows i tried from bourjois cause they have pour colour pay off, but these one look diffent.

  2. A friend of mine got them in a press kit and tried them already. They are more pigmented than the regular shadows, and the dark shades are pretty intense.
    And finally, French drugstore brands have realized we need brushes! Better late than never!

  3. These look lovely, my favourite is the purple one and i would love to try that green if it is as intense as it looks in the picture.
    Do you have any idea when they might be released in the UK?

  4. When this will be released or can be ordered in ASOS???

    I’m living in Thailand so I need to ask a friend to get it

  5. I want to purchase but can’t find a store to buy them from I’m from USA, anyone knows where I can order them and get them shipped

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