New Brand: Tory Burch Beauty

According to WWD, Tory Burch is launching a  makeup and beauty line this September (in the USA) in collaboration with Estee Lauder.

And here is a preview of the products and the packaging. Although it has some similarity to other Lauder Cosmetics brands  design wise, it has a personal touch and  TB logo and does look like a proper luxurious  range.

Tory Burch Makeup and Beauty line promo

Also, judging by the promos, the products would work perfectly  for creating  chic and sophisticated (and wearable) every day looks.   I imagine that a lot of women would like such approach.

I personally would love to try the lip and cheek tint, of course.

And here are some photos of the beauty range

Tory Burch beauty line perfume and candle

Speaking of the new beauty and makeup launches, I   can’t wait to see what Gucci came up with! I have high hopes and expect lush colours and sophisticated design.

7 thoughts on “New Brand: Tory Burch Beauty”

  1. Oh these look nice, very Estée Lauder like! I love the shapes of the compact and the lipstick. Of all the new cosmetic lines coming out I too am pretty excited about Gucci! Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  2. The packaging is gorgeous! I can’t wait until we can see the full product lineup. All of these product launches are getting a bit hard on my wallet though. Any word on what retailers will be carrying it?

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