New Chanel Video And Beauty Questions Answered

First of all here is a  new video of the Chanel Coco Rouge Shine with the beautiful Sigrid Agren which features shades in Boy, Monte- Carlo, Aventure and Liberte, this video is a part of Chanel Confidential. I love Aventure lipstick the best, but as for the style –  Mote-Carlo.

Also this week I was asked to answer some questions for one project so I though I would share my answers with you.

What is your favorite thing about beauty blogging?

I LOVE makeup so I am always happy to share my thoughts and discoveries with others. I also met some lovely people: Make-Up Artists, beauty journalists and beauty fanatics.

Your one must-have beauty product?

So hard to choose only one product, I am torn between a good concealer, mascara or blush.

Favorite Foundation?

I don’t use foundation on a daily basis but when I do, it’s usually Max Factor Second Skin.

Product you were most surprised by?

I really love Ellis Faas Lights, gorgeous colours, amazing colours and great  texture and staying power!

Favorite Lipstick?

Right now it has to be the new Dior Addict, it has a sheer and moisturising formula.

If you could create the ultimate nail color, what would it be?

I actually took a part in a contest where we had to describe a nail polish of our dream – and I went for a lime green with a subtle shimmer. But my favourite nail polish colour has to be red.

If you only had room for 5 products in your makeup bag, what 5 products would you bring?

Tinted Moisturizer, mascara, cream blush, dark brown eye pencil (Brun Noir by Lancome) and pink lip gloss (Chanel Mica Glossimer).

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