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I hope you all have noticed that now we have a new design and name Makeup4all. It is not yet finished and we are working on it.  But I would like to know what do you all think!

Also I am going through really hard times now. My beloved cat who is living with me for almost 14 years got very sick. And I can’t even tell you how hard this is for me. Sonya is going to have an operation tomorrow at 10.  So reviews will come later. Please pray that everything goes on well.


10.09. 2009 I will make some updates about Sonya here

Thank you very much for your support and comments! This is so important now!

Today she had an operation and I was waiting for about 2.5 hours. I won’t go into details but doctor took some of her organs out ( Her womb was full of purulence and it was intoxicating all her body).  Her condition is better but she is still very weak.   Now she has to take a lot of medicine and will see the doctor in 10 days.

Today I was with her ALL day long. I have to keep an eye on her (she always hides somewhere), keep her warm, feed her, give a lot of medicine and change her sheets because she is still to weak to go to the bathroom. But the main thing that she is still alive!

sick Sonya0

11.09. 2009 More Sonya’s updates

As I write this Sonya is sitting near me:) She is much better  today:  can walk herself and eats food for little kitties. Vet just left after giving her some injections. The only thing that I worry about is that we gave her more antibiotics than we should. It may cause difficulties with her liver. I will keep you updated!

Sonya 11.09

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