New Dior Addict Lipstick with Kate Moss. Kate VS Vanessa

I said it already and I will say it again! I think Dior had/has the best celebrity spokeswomen: Monica Bellucci, Eva Green, Marion Cotiallard etc . And now they have Natalie Portman who may not be my most favourite among them, but you have to agree that she is everywhere now, the Black Swan itself is a huge success, so that’s a great choice for Dior.

And now that Chanel is launching their new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks with Vanessa Paradis, Dior is also launching the new lipsticks with… who do you think?! Kate Moss herself! Kate was spotted several months ago wearing their new lipstick and now it’s official. Excellent! I don’t think Dior could do it better, honestly!

As we have Dior and Chanel here there are no doubts that everything will be at the highest  level and I personally can’t wait to see the videos of both lipsticks. Speaking of videos – Dior has a preview of the Dior Addict lipsticks winch is just gorgeous. You can take a look at the official website.

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Now the question is: “Is it Chanel and Vanessa or Dior and Kate?” .

original photos and

8 thoughts on “New Dior Addict Lipstick with Kate Moss. Kate VS Vanessa”

  1. Apart from having Kate Moss as a model I didn’t manage to grasp what is new about Dior lipstick, sounds just like a promo..

  2. Definitely sticking to my original choice. Kate and Dior. I prefer the look of the promo pics. Going to have to test both products when they’re out too…


    1. Natalie is a new Miss Cherie, I can’t wait to see the video, hope it will be as cool as the one will Marina.
      As for Kate, I personally like her style.

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