New Fragrance from John Galliano Featuring Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen

Do you like Gossip Girl? I do. You’d be happy to find out that one ofof the Gossip Girls – Taylor Momsen aka Jenny my least fave of them is now the spokesmodel for the new perfume by John Galliano! The fragrance is called Parlez Moi d’Amour and is named after Edith Piaf’s song.

The story behind this perfume:

Young rock star got lost in Berlin and she writes the letter to the guy that she felt in love with. John himself  says: “Taylor really embodies the spirit and soul of this new eau de toilette, which is aimed at a slightly younger market. But you know, as with all true loves, age is not an issue.”

Key notes of Parlez Moi d’Amour

  • Top notes: Fresh  bright ginger, blueberries and bergamot
  • Heart notes: Sambac jasmine and Turkish rose
  • Base notes: cypress, Indonesian patchouli and musk notes

So this perfume can be described as “glamorous and rebellious youthful fragrance that tells a story of love.”

Perfume will be available in October; 30, 50 and 80 ml .

Are you interested?

2 thoughts on “New Fragrance from John Galliano Featuring Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen”

  1. I think Taylor is a weird choice for a perfum inspired by Edith Piaf as well. Still, the notes of the perfume sound interesting and I can’t wait to try it.

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