New Full Finish Lipsticks by Benefit Cosmetics

If you follow the news of Benefit Cosmetics you probably know that they now have new Full Finish Lipsticks. They are already available in the US and each is $18 and here is how they are described:

“Every gals go-to lipstick for full, rich color. From subtle pops of pink to dramatically dark burgundy, our full-finish lipstick will give you the luscious lips you’ve been longing for. With 20 glamorous shades to choose from, you’ll want them all!”

The shades are:

  1. fame game, dusty pink
  2. pillow talk, hot pink
  3. shy, ballet slipper
  4. wanna?, royal raspberry
  5. rumor, rose quartz
  6. finders keepers, warm cinnabar
  7. mod squad, shell pink
  8. slow zone, tropical coral
  9. saucy, sparkling tangerine
  10. sassy-frass, boysenberry
  11. espionage, black cherry
  12. la la land, nude rose
  13. no competition, heathered plum
  14. do tell, pink blossom
  15. pinking of you, pop of pink
  16. lady’s choice, naturally nude
  17. wild card, pomegranate
  18. flirt alert, candy apple
  19. I tink I love you, bronze rose
  20. on the sly, raspberry truffle

The photo from above is from Benefit’s blog where you can also see the swatches of the lipsticks on the different skin types (amazing idea!)

Can I have all 20 please? But since I already have 2 (the old version, not the new one) that’d be only 18. Thank you, I’d really appreciate that!

5 thoughts on “New Full Finish Lipsticks by Benefit Cosmetics”

  1. OMG! I NEED Wanna? and maybe Rumor too but I’m not sure if that’s a dupe for MAC Faux which I have already?

    Either way, the shape of the bullet is so much better than what they had before. I hated trying to apply my lippie using that round bullet and it was so thick too which didn’t help matters.

    Can’t wait to get my grubbies on them! Yay!!


  2. Please, could you tell me of which shade is the lipstick down the picture in the right corner ? Because it’s exactly the shade I’m looking for !

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