New in Beauty by NARS, Shiseido and Bobbi Brown

I’ve promised to control myself and get only those beauty products that are on my list but I can still look, right?! There are so many amazing new products and value sets.  Here are only some of them. All of them are already available!

NARS Precious Mini Nail Set, $30 (Nordstorm)

Exquisite high shine and shimmer for stunning effects at your fingertips. The mix of modern shades signals the mark of a true beauty maven, while the advanced formula provides a high-gloss, durable, chip-resistant finish.

Shiseido Collector’s Edition Palette by Dick Page, $50

Created by Shiseido’s Artistic Director, Dick Page, this limited-edition palette is a warm collection of shades with everything you need to create a beautiful look this holiday season! Features the following seven products for gorgeous color combinations: Pearly eyelid primer, Brown and Silver Grey eyeshadows, Purple Cream eyeliner, Pink and Orange blushes and Red lip tint—all in a sleek portable compact.

Bobbi Brown  Eye Couture Collection,£175.00 at BB UK or $220 at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman.

Like a jewelry box for your eyes, Bobbi’s ultra-luxe, gemstone-inspired 12-Pan Eye Shadow Palette has everything you need to dress your eyes for the season—including four travel-size brushes.

Eye Couture Palette Includes:

  • Star Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Diamond Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Peacock Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Onyx Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Amethyst Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Emerald Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Bonfire Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Topaz Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Bash Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Volcano Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Lapis Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Garnet Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

Brushes Include:

  • Travel Size Eye Sweep
  • Travel Size Angle Eye Shadow
  • Travel Size Eye Contour
  • Travel Size Eye Liner
  • Black Brush Carrying Case

And do you have a favourite set/palette for holiday? Maybe I should add it to my wishlist, too.

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