New Launches: New CID, Sigma, MeMeMe, Melvita and 2True

Here are some new beauty releases that you may enjoy!

First of all New CID came out with eight mousse waterproof eye shadows: Zinc, Twilight, Tourmaline, Purple Quartz, Moss, Crystal Quartz, Cobalt and Chocolate Opal.

The price is £14. These are already available and you can get them from /

There are also three new shades of MeMeme Dew Pots which will be available from  7th June for £7.25 from the brand’s website and Superdrug.

The shades are: Twilight Bliss, Coral Blossom and Silk Dust.


Sigma Beauty released two new brushes E75 – Angled Brow brush and E80 – Brow and Lash brush. Both brushes are made with synthetic bristles.

The E75 ($11) – Angled Brow brush is perfect for filling in sparse brows with powder or gel products. Use a sketching motion to create a hair like effect and a more defined brow.

The E80 ($9) – Brow and Lash brush is ideal for combing and taming brow hairs while shaping and filling. In addition, this brush is great for pulling through lashes for separation and exactness.

And here is a ‘Blue’ collection from 2True. Each product is available for £1.99 or £4.99 for three at Superdrug. I’d love the lip gloss.

As for the face products, there is a new Melvita Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturising Gel-cream which is available exclusively at for 20. So you can read all the details about the product there.

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