New Lipstick Launches:Dolce & Gabbana, Make Up For Ever and New CID

Thought I would  share about some new  lipsticks that just launched recently. We all love lipsticks, don’t we?! And since all three are completely different, there is something for every girl 😉

Dolce & Gabbana Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick (£24)

It is said that this lipsticks offers a rich and creamy colour with a burst of gloss. It is basically a cream colour and gloss duo in one tube. I assume it should be moitruzing and creamy.

The shades are: Darling, Rose, Impact, Incognito, Infatuat, Poetic, Dynamic, Satin, Sensation, Delight, Iridescent, Intrigue, Devotion, Imperial, Desirable,  Sahara, Truffle, Intense,  Dazzle, Magic.

By the way, if you are a fan of Dolce & Gabbana makeup range, you should know that they’ve just launched a new foundation called Creamy Foundation SPF15 Classic (£34.00)

You can get both products  at Harrods.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick – Satin, Diamond and Iridescent Sheer Lipsticks (£15.95)

There are 50, yes, fifty, new shades of the new Make Up For Ever  Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick which comes on three finishes: Satin, Diamond and Iridescent.

“Formulated with cupuacu butter to keep lips supple & hydrated, and a blend of natural waxes that fix the pigment to the lips ensuring stability & long lasting colour these nourishing properties provide a natural, soft, transparent shine effect giving you sheer yet luminous colour which glides on effortlessly. 3.5g.”

Can’t believe that I’ve actually typed all the names. The shades that are bold – are those that are on the promo photo above.

The shades are: M1 Matte Flesh, N1 Iridescent Nude, N2 Iridescent Beige, N3 Iridescent Pink Beige,  N4 Satin Pink Beige, N5 Satin Nude Beige, D6 Diamond Cooper Gold, N7 Satin  Icy Brown, N8 Satin Warm Brown,  N9 Satin Copper Pink, N10 Iridescent  Copper Pink,  N11 Iridescent Strawberry, N12 Satin Warm Pink,  N13 Satin Pink Praline, N14 Satin Soft Beige, N15 Satin Pink Brick, N16 Satin Beige Violet, N17  Iridescent Fresh Pink, N18 Stain Powdery Pink, N19 Iridescent Icy Pink, N20 Iridescent Pink Gold, N21 Satin Pastel Pink,  N22 Satin Peach Pink, D23 Diamond Baby Pink, D24 Diamond Warm Pink, N25 Satin Pink Brown, N26 Satin Raspberry, N27 Iridescent  Blue Pink, N28 Satin Purple, D29 Diamond Plum, D30 Diamond Pomegranate, N31 Satin Soft Fuchsia, D32 Diamond Pink Violet, D33 Diamond Fresh Coral, N34 Satin Candy Pink, N35 Iridescent Orange Pink, N36 Iridescent Coral, N37 Iridescent Icy Coral, D38 Diamond Coral, N39 Satin Soft Apricot, N40 Satin Pastel Coral,  N41 Satin Watermelon, D42 Diamond Orange, N43 Satin Orange, D44 Diamond Red, N45 Satin Red, N46 Satin Cherry Red, N47 Satin  Brick Red, N48 Stine Girotte Red, N49 Iridescent Burgundy, N50 Satin Aubergine.

You can get it at Guru Makeup Emporium.

New CID i – pout Light up Lipstick with Mirror, (£15.50)

The shades are: Belle, Nudity, Pink Bliss, Scarlet, Very Cherry, Fuschia, Berrylicious, Damson, Pomegranate, Dusk, Coral Kiss, Raspberry

Get it at

These lipsticks are all so diffident they I actually want to try them all!

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