New Makeup Ads That I Love

I was happy that a lot of readers liked the idea of vintage and onld ads so today I want to share some of my favourite makeup ads.Β  But they are not vintage, this time but most of them were made within the last 10 years! So here are mine and I would really love to see yours!

I have a lot of ads that I like from the old magazines (I threw the magazines away just kept some photos that inspire me!)

This Guerlain KissKiss ad with Doutzen Kroes was in all the magazines only several years ago and I remember how much I used to love it and how much I used to want this KissKiss lipstick and the gloss(there was one similar for the gloss). Probably my fave Guerlain promo, so much better than Vodianova.

Of course I had to include this one with Monica for Dior. It’s quite simple but I absolutely love it!

One more ad with red lipstick which I really liked and which was also polular several years ago is this one with Liv Tyler. Can’t say that it’s my fave now, but I remember how much I used to like it!

I know that a lot of you may find this one scary but I like it a lot for some reason. This is Ines Sastre for Lancome. Collection of 1998 by Fred Farrugia.

Coco Rocha by Val Garland for Yves Saint Laurent

I really loved the promo photo by Chanel for this summer, beautiful!

This promo photo by Chanel is gorgeous! By the way, Malgosia Bela on both photos.

So as you can see most of these promo photo are not so old, only the Lancome one is from the 90’s. I will be sure to make a post about those old ads that I like in the future!

18 thoughts on “New Makeup Ads That I Love”

  1. I love the Guerlain ads with Natalia Vodianove because she is so pretty. The new Or collection’s promo is gorgeous and so was the Perles one. Oh and the Slavic Beauty!

      1. I think I like her a lot because she looks a bit like one of my friends and also I’ve read about her and she is trully amazing. A young mum of 3 children, successful model and does a lot of charity work. But I guess she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. πŸ™‚ I also like liv Tyler too and the Dior ad is very pretty as well.

  2. Nice post!! I love looking at the makeup ads – – love the one with Monica – the red and black hair and those eyes– beautiful!! I also really love that last one from Chanel.

      1. Hi Marina!
        Me, too, to see you post so regularly. Congratulations on your fantastic new online issue. Ever since the semester has begun I’ve found myself knee-deep in assignments – where is my beauty blog freetime?! x

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