New Moisturizing Powder and Concealer by Chanel


In 2002 Chanel realized vitality Foundation milk (VITALUMIÈRE) collected and vitality, moisturizing, protection, multi-nourished aspirations ahead of the market of light reflection technology so far has been listed on Chanel’s best-sellers. In 2009  meet  this products by Chanel again! Moisturizing Powder (VITALUMIÈRE ÉCLAT) with  Skin Consealer (VITALUMIÈRE ÉCLAT).

The key lies in a unique R & D Technology  ultimate light-sensitive compound (Radiance Light Diffusing Complex)! In addition to excellent effect of controlling light, while giving the skin comfortable, soft touch, the initial use, the infinitely soft touch of the skin condition immediately upgrade, clearly visible. More specifically, this unique light technology to use sponges and brushes simultaneously, by two different power with the creation of a dual-looking results!

Extreme light perception compound technology (Radiance Light Diffusing Complex):

  • High-resolution light soft focus modifier (High-Definition Light-Reflecting pigments) +
  • Light perception reinforced powder (Radiance-Enhancing pigments)

Inspired on the plasma screen, RGB (red, green, and blue) and optical science and technology, through red, green, and blue primary colors of the three kinds of co-operation can create a sense of multi-faceted shine. A single micro-sphere with the mutual influence of these three pigments in the skin sheet to form an ideal chromatography. High-resolution light soft focus modifiers, will also emit red, green, blue three kinds of color, and when they are combined with each other, it will show a kind of pure, bright white light.

This is great against the dull key. Pink and orange pigments by the agitation effect, such as playing lights in general, immediately eliminate dull phenomenon, distributed a satisfactory health gloss. They can absorb the naked eye can hardly notice the sun light, and the clever conversion of these waves into beautifying the skin’s natural color.

As the breeze off the satin-like skin touch, from the patent research and development, as well as silica powder, moisturizing skin care ingredients

Moisturizing Powder (VITALUMIÈRE ÉCLAT)

Chanel patent research and development through a special silica powder, moisturizing powder the whole energy dishonorable has an impressive and unique touch, while both refreshing cream-like abundance of zero burden and comfort. Add a rich plants such as lavender and jasmine wax, and vitamin E and lecithin and other moisturizing ingredients to nourish simultaneously conditioning the skin, like the breeze blowing off the silk, comfortable just right. Containing SPF 10 sunscreen configuration, to provide basic protective effect.

Available in 8 shades.


There are 2 color options:

  1. 10 light beige Beige Clair
  2. 20 ivory m Beige Ivoire

Rich, cream-like texture, while containing alginic essence, full of mineral salts and trace elements will help against the tired and the correction of minor skin flaws, enjoy a all day flawless, even complexion.Easily a few strokes, lasting modification of the face of all of the small flaws diminish redness and dark circles.

Moisturizing Powder SPF10 13g

Skin Pen 7.5g


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