New Pout Polish, Ice Cream Nail Polishes and Circus Palette by Sleek Makeup

Sleek launched some new products and I am sorry that the pictures are so small, I contacted the brand several times but unfortunately never got the answer. But anyway, even looking at these small pictures I really want the new Pout Polishes, both of them.

So what new products are we getting?

Sleek MakeUP has taken note with the Ice Cream Collection a range of 4 feminine, yet bold nail polishes in eye-catching and most definitely mouth-watering shades. The New Nailed nail polishes in;

  • Lilac,
  • Pastel Pink,
  • Florida (pastel orange)
  • Turquoise

are the perfect accessory to take you into high summer.

New LE shades of Pout Polish

The Lemon Meringue Pout Polish glosses onto your lips clear with a hint of yellow pigment, whilst the Raspberry Soufflé Pout Polish adds a sheer tint of raspberry sheen.

Soon you will also be able to get the new Circus palette which is also a LE and comes in a red design.

Do you plan to get anything?

3 thoughts on “New Pout Polish, Ice Cream Nail Polishes and Circus Palette by Sleek Makeup”

  1. I’m definitely getting the new Circus palette, the colors look so bright and colorful, just right up my alley. I was also thinking of getting the Pout Polish in Lemon as I love all things lemony but after seeing a swatch on it, I’m not so sure. It looks too yellow on the lips and I think that may be a bit too much even for me.

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