New Shades of Creamy Eyes by Ellis Faas

I am really loving the latest Ellis Fass launch, the new shades of Creamy Eyes. As usual, Ellis created a stunning visual  for the campaign.

There are seven new shades which are: Navy Blue (E113), Bordeaux Red (E114), Purple (E115), Lilac (E116), Mint Green (E117), Light Blue (E118) and Yellow Ochre (E119).

The price is €26/$36/£23 and they will be available from

  the 12th or 13th May from the EF website.

My favourite shade has to be this Bordeaux Red, how stunning is that? I would also love to see Mint Green  and Light Blue in  person.

Actually, you know, all of them are absolutely beautiful.

By the way, my interview with Ellis is coming soon so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “New Shades of Creamy Eyes by Ellis Faas”

  1. WOW! I really loving the eye look here, so dramatic and freaky at the same time. These Creamy Eyes looks more practical to use cause of the packaging. I prefer using them this way, then put my finger in a lil pot

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