New Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Anti-oxidant Lip Colour by Clinique


Combining the high shine and super moisturising aspects of a lip gloss with the rich, stay-true colour and buildable coverage of a lipstick, the beauty experts at Clinique have developed this revolutionary new lip product.

The new formulation has taken powerful, ‘good for you’ ingredients and squeezed them into a gorgeous, colourful lip product with treatment benefits. Over time lips become vulnerable to lines and wrinkles and can become thinner and drier while also losing some of their colour. This vitamin packed formula is enriched with a cocktail of ingredients, including the key antioxidants, Açaí Berry and Pomegranate to help protect against environmental aggressors and Vitamin C to improve the look and feel of lips instantly and over time. Whilst a decadent blend of rich butters such as Shea Butter provide comfort, moisture and soothing benefits and help put the smooth in to Lip Smoothie.

New Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour is available in 10 lip-quenching, yet water-resistant, juicy shades ranging from opaque to shimmery:Cliniquelips

  1. Fig-a-licious
  2. Raisin the Bar
  3. Pink Me Up
  4. Nude-tricious
  5. Goodness Grapecious
  6. Rhubarbie
  7. Power Peach
  8. Absolute Acai
  9. Berry Boost
  10. Mangothon

The new Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour will be available at Clinique  from 1 August 2009.

or you can already get them at the UK Clinique


2 thoughts on “New Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Anti-oxidant Lip Colour by Clinique”

  1. судя по фотке кажется что там мало грамм..цвета интересные)

  2. Ksjo,
    £ 13.50
    только вот я не пойму, почему уже стало 10 оттенков, а пару дней назад их было 6 🙂 хотя, так даже лучше.(сейчас исправлю пост)

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