New Year’s Eve Makeup. And Happy 2014!

I don’t get a lot of occasions to dress up and do full-on glamour. So today seems like a perfect night for that. And I am thinking shimmer, even glitter on the eyes.

Makeup for New Year's Eve 2014 glitterI am not exactly a fan of anything like that but today I am feeling super festive, so why not? Plus I will be at the party with my whole family and a lot of friends. So, bring it on!

Not only I plan to have glittery eye makeup, but also false eye lashes.  Since I will have so much going on the face, I will probably wear a minimal classic black dress. Otherwise, it will all be over the top.

I haven’t yet planned what exactly I am going to use, but maybe these products.

New Year 2014 makeup foundation, bronzer, blusher makeup4allFlawless base, rosy cheeks, beautiful but subtle highlighter and a little bit of bronzer for the face definition.

Shimmer, glitter and false eye lashes. Maybe  I will go for some individuals just in the corners, we will see.

New Year 2014 makeup eyes shimmer, glitter and fake eye lashes makeup4allI don’t do nude lips, so maybe I will go for pale pink, but most likely will have a stained deep red/crimson lip. I know, that may sound like too much with the eye makeup that I plan to wear, but I promise to keep it all classy.

New Year 2014 makeup lips red and crimson makeup4allIf I manage to take some decent photos afterwards – I promise to post them here, too.

I hope you are having a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!!

And I gotta go, because I still have  to put that all on my face 😉 And do my Mum’s makeup, too, as I am currently at my parents’ place.

By the way, I am going away for several days but I have scheduled some posts that you can read while enjoying the last days of holidays.

See you all in 2014 and thank you for reading Makeup4all. That means a lot.

Love, Marina xx

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