New Year’s Giveaway: Papyrus Calendar

Today is New Year and we all are can’t wait till 12 to eat :)) and get our presents! And I also have a present for you!  I was thinking what to get for a giveaway for my dear readers for New Year and I realized that calendar would make a perfect present! So I got a Egyptian calendar made of papyrus with a lot of different pictures. So what do you have to do to win it?

The rules are very simple:

  1. To enter leave me a comment telling what country would you like to visit in 2010 and why.
  2. You can increase  your chances to win by following me on twitter an RT about this giveaway ( just click the retweet button that you can see at the beginning of this post)

The winner will be chosen (randomly) on the 6th January 2010.

Good luck!

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Giveaway: Papyrus Calendar”

  1. This calendar is beautiful! I would like to visit China next year to be able to see my relatives once more since the last time I got to see them was about 3 years ago. :<

  2. I would like to visit Scotland (although, I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon). Dave’s ancestors are from there and there is actually a place called Leslie and Leslie castle (our last name) there which would be absolutely amazing to see. I’m actually really interested in visiting all over Europe. I’m extremely interested in European history and architecture.

    P.S. I’d follow you on twitter but I don’t have a twitter account, sorry.

  3. Is that the calendar on the pics? Pretty! Following you and also retweeted! ;D
    Which country? hmm South Korea! It’s such a beautiful country! With the landscapes and handsome guys! LOL And makeups (Korean ones) are dirt cheap and good quality too! Also, visiting Jeju Island would be awesome too *_* I think that’s it….
    Happy New Year!!! <3
    .-= maryinwonder´s last blog ..Happy New Year!!! =-.

  4. I would like to go back to Egypt – I was in Aswan watching the sun set over the west bank when I experienced a moment of pure peace – what freud called ‘the sensation of eternity’. Never felt it before or since.

  5. I’d like to visit Japan because I love Japanese culture but in fact I’ll be visiting England and the USA (London and Chicago to be precise).
    By the way, thank you for the present It’s lovely.

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