New Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics Eye Shadow Palettes

Lately I want pretty much everything Yves Saint Laurent releases and their new Pure Chromatics eye shadow palettes, which will be available in March, are not an exception.

Now these should be the one of a kind eye shadows. First of all you’ll be able to mix the shadows to get unique shades. But that is not that original, right? (I think about Le Metier de Beaute here). But what is so unique then? These eye shadows will be 50% more pigmented than all the other powder eye shadows because they are formulated with water.

These eye shadows can be used both dry and wet and because of their formula they should be extremely beautiful when used wet: metallic and light reflecting.

I  love YSL eye shadows so I really can’t wait to try these and see if they are really that special.  The price is €53, so they better be!

There are will be 6 palettes

Now these  are everything but boring. I have to say that the shades are a bit unexpected and  I would love  to play with them, I wonder what colours you can actually create by mixing the shades. I’d get  the 2nd, the 3rd and the 6th palettes I guess. What about you?

Thanks to the amazing French blog Planete Beaute for the preview.

6 thoughts on “New Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics Eye Shadow Palettes”

  1. Sigh, i also want everything from YSL at the moment, the range just keeps getting better and better. I’ve given them plenty of pennies recently when i bought 2 lipsticks and a foundation but i just want MORE! Hehe. Excited that these are going to be super-pigmented – think i want the 3rd & 4th palettes, or erm, ALL!

    Jo xoxo

  2. I like the 1st palette in 2nd row 🙂

    I really hope these will be better than their current eye shadow palettes which are horrible and way expensive ($100 at the moment!)! I wonder how much will these cost…

  3. i think i’ll get the 1st & the last, so i get all the shades from white blue gold green gray, so I can play as much by the mixin ! 😀

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