No7 Concealer and Essential Lip Brushes Review and Photos

After I got this N07 Foundation brush and liked it a lot I’ve decided to get more N07 brushes so I’ve got an Essential Lip Brush (£6.50) and Concealer Brush (£7.50).

And let me tell you that I am impressed with these as well! The quality is great for the price, the brushes are quite soft and they do their work as they should. I guess you should judge the quality of the brush after you’ve been using it for some time to see if it is still in shape and good condition, but so far I like these brushes.

The lip brush is firm but it still feels nice on the lips, it is not too small but not big. I find that it really helps with the application of the lipstick and I like it better than some of my other lip brushes but I still plan to get a small one with a precise tip for a more accurate application and to contour  the lips better.

As for the concealer brush, I was very curious to try it as so many people like it. And I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. I like the cover that it gives, smooth and not cakey at all. It is quite big so it’s easy to use it. But I’d recommend you getting a small concealer brush as well to cover the small blemishes.

When it comes to brushes I believe that you should get only those that have a really good quality. I know that brushes are expensive but keep in mind that you will be using them for years if you know how to take care of them. Most of my brushes are MAC and  use this set from Lancome quite often but I have to say that N07 brushes are very nice to have if you can’t afford more expensive variants.

I  plan to get some No7 Eyeshadow Blend and Contour Brushes (which a lot of people say are very similar to MAC 217 and you can’t have too many blending brushes, right?, £6.50 ).  I may also get No7 Blusher Brush £11 (the old one) and No7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush £6.5 to use when my other brushes are dirty.

I haven’t tried all the No7 brushes but the 3 that I’ve tried I can recommend and they are really nice.

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