No7 Spring Eye Palette. Review and Swatches

So I’ve got my No 7 Spring products. As I already said, this is one of my favourite Spring 2011 makeup collections, I loved everything in it.  So I’ve got myself an eye shadows palette and 2 lipsticks.

Let’s start with an eye shadow palette (£12.50)

The design is very cute and pretty, I love it, perfect for spring!

I had to get this palette not only because it is so pretty but because I don’t really have such shades and it is nice to have a palette of beautiful pastels.

There are 4 shades:

  • a nude beige which you can use as a base and to even out the skin tone on your lids
  • a subtle coral
  • beautiful pastel turquoise
  • sea foam  green, the brightest shade

All the shades are slightly shimmery and have a nice texture, they are not chalky as a lot of pastel eye shadows.

I’d say that the colours are sheer but kind of buildable, I say kind of,  because you can’t really get an intense colour with such shades.

The shades are pretty wearable and I really like them all, especially the turquoise which gives this fresh and Spring look. But if you think that it is way too much for you, the other 3 shades are much easier to wear.

I liked the application and it’s easy to blend these eye shadows. I haven’t tried to wear theses eye shadows for the whole day yet as the day I’ve put them on I’ve realized that I had to take photos for a document and pastel blue wasn’t really the best choice so I had to take them off and put on some more suitable shades.

Anyway, I would recommend you getting this palette as from what I can see, this whole collection will be sold out pretty soon. Which is not a surprise at all!


  1. I was in Boots the other day but didn’t check it out. Now I may have to go back again…..

    The colors are pretty but I may have dupes for the turquoise and sea foam green….


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