NOFD and My New Set from Make Up For Ever

I didn’t post NOTD in a really long time so it’s time to do something with the situation 😉 I got one more nail polish from Vipera Cosmetics. It was pretty hard to get it but absolutely worth it. I already made a post about this nail polish with review and swatches (yellow shade) so here is only the swatch of nail polish # 638

My hands have too many lines on them  but this is the way I was born and can do nothing with it. And here is the set  from Make Up For Ever and my new earrings that I got this weekend.

I promise to make a review of this set for you! And what did you get for yourself lately?

10 thoughts on “NOFD and My New Set from Make Up For Ever”

  1. Monika, it is Polish but I know one place where I can get their nail polishes, they are very nice!

    Vesna, Thank you. That sounds great but that’s A LOT of work to do.

    Lillian, thank you x

    Tavia, I like the colour, too. This brand actually has a lot of nice colours and it is very cheap, too. I will try to make a review soon.

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