November Wish List

I like to make lists of the things that I need/want for a few reasons, mostly not to get crap items I do not need, and also to keep an eye on the discounts/sales of the things which I plan on getting.

Last time I’ve posted my wish list in the beginning of July, and I did get the products from the list. So let’s do it again. Only this time, it is not just beauty but  more of a lifestyle wish list. And I’ve been strict with myself and only included the things I truly want.


  1. Aquis Hair Turban Lisse Luxe, ( I like Desert Rose), £30 from Space NK  and Look Fantastic.  I’ve been resisting this for a few years (yes, really) but after reading how it is life changing, and how it helps to keep the hair in place and dries it quicker, I would really love one. It should also last for years so I am willing to give it a go, considering how much I hate having a big towel around my hair. I’d also wouldn’t say no to Larry King volumising hair spray.
  2. Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Classico Mascara, Black, £24 from John Lewis Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Liner, 01, £24.80.  Mascara and eye liner and probably the most important makeup items for me, so I choose them very carefully. Unfortunately, high street brands don’t quite give me the results I am after, so I’d rather invest and  enjoy the high quality performance.
  3.  Luxury Pink Lip Gloss. Pink gloss is my “everyday nude”. I’ve used up a few of my favourites so would love to get a replacement. And I am thinking something very special like  Chantecaille Love £29 from Space NK/  Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Lip Gloss £38 from Harrods  or byTerry from Cult Beauty. Yes, it is not necessary to spend that much on a lip gloss but I barely buy makeup these days.


  1. Veja Trainers. My Vans trainers should really be replaced at this point, as I wore them to the ground, and I would love to finally get a pair from Veja. However, the designs I like are sold out in my size so I will have to keep an eye on the new designs. They are an investment but I do not get new shoes that often so it would be a treat.
  2. Black/Red/Burgundy cotton or silk PJ short bottoms.  I really don’t understand why is it so hard to  find anything decent but I suppose that is because I want something very specific. I would never wear polyester or acrylic, especially not to bed, and also did not like any cotton or silk pjs I saw while browsing the shops.  I have Intimissimi top, so matching bottoms would be a good idea (£38) I’ve tried the L size in the shop, and they fit nicely but did not have the colour I wanted.
  3. Polka Dot Tights from Calzedonia. Some of my friends are convinced that Calzedonia are the best tights ever so maybe I should finally try them. I wouldn’t usually spend  think £17 on a pair of tights but Macro Flock Dots would be a great pair for the festive season.
  4. I am looking for a pair of  the perfect black jeans, and so far it was not successful.  I actually like Molly from River Island which are just £40 so may have to get those again (I wore my last pair until they literally fell apart).


  1. Bathroom Scales from John Lewis.  I like these for £25, as I like the brand in general and just the functions these scales have.  This is pretty much self explanatory. And a juicer, please.
  2. Egg Cooker. I eat eggs every single day for breakfast and would be very happy with an egg cooker, as sometimes I forget to turn the eggs off in time, and it would be cool to make poaching easy. I did not research this category well enough but this cooker/poacher looks cool. I am also considering a juicer  but before that I have to start using the soup maker my husband got me. You know you’ve hit a certain age when you get a soup maker as a present and are excited about it.
  3. Wall Grid, £26 or this. I would like to decorate my desk a bit more, and this seems like a great thing to have for that purpose.
  4. We really need a  floor length mirror. These are not the ones I want to get but rather examples from Habitat and Next.
  5. Ottolenghi SIMPLE, £12  from Amazon. Yes, I am well aware that there are a lot of recipes online but I still love flicking through cookbooks, I find them inspiring and always use mine. And I always love more. But to be fair, I do use the ones I have.
  6. New Flower pot for my ivy. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a flower pot in my life, please don’t judge. My brother or my mum would always get them for me, as they do like that sorts of stuff. But recently I’ve got an ivy which I hope I won’t kill so am looking for a pretty pot for it.  Here are a few which caught my attention from Oliver Bonas and Anthropologie  and here. Or maybe this one?

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