NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink Review, Photos and Swatches

It’s not a secret that I love luxury cream (liquid and gel, too) blushes so for me it’s a great investment. But  some of the readers asked me to review several  affordable blushes.

I’ve already reviewed Max Factor and Maybelline blushes so now it’s time for NYX. I have to say that I’ve got this blush specially for the review.
The shade that I have is called Hot Pink and let me tell you, it is really hot! The colour is very bright and extremely pigmented so if you have a light skin tone  – be very careful with the application. You will need the tiniest amount of this product.

The price in the UK is £9.95 but in the Sates it’s much cheaper and retails for $6.50 only. You get a pretty big blush for your money, here is just the comparison with Max Factor’s one.

It is easy to use this blush, the texture is nice and I like the way it blends; you can get a natural finish if you blend it well. This particular shade looks great on a very dark skin, I’ve tried it on my friend and it looked really nice, she actually considers getting one for herself now.

This photo doesn’t capture the brightness of Hot Pink, I would say that it looks brighter in real life.

Here is the list if the ingredients.

So after using this blush for some time, I would say that it’s a great one for the price and,  although I do love my luxury blushes, I can see myself getting more of these in the future.

I also want to get those La Femme blushes which are really cheap and which everyone raves about.

And what is your favourite high street/drugstore blusher?

7 thoughts on “NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink Review, Photos and Swatches”

  1. Sounds like a great blush and the color is very pretty. I’m a bit scared it would be too bright for my pale skin though, maybe I should try a softer shade.

  2. I want La Femme too! I was just checking them out the other day, they have so many beautiful shades. BUT, I’m on BAN from purchasing any more blushes since in 2 months I really got too many of them and I’m still waiting for my 2 blush palettes from eBay 😀

    When it comes to NYX cream blushes, these were the 1st cream blushes I’ve tried and I loved them! My favorite is Boho Chic but I might get this shade too, ti should look good on me during winter time I think 🙂

    1. I understand you so well, dear 😀
      I think you are right about winter but it’s so pigmented that you’ll need the tiniest amount of it.

  3. A little late to the party, but definitely agreed! Those NYX cream blush post are definitely a great value for money and the finishis lovely as well! 😉

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