Official Gucci Beauty and Makeup Photos

Remember that Gucci makeup photo preview from WWD that I’ve posted some time ago?

Well, now we get to see a preview from the brand directly. And, let me tell you, it looks so much better.  I was disappointed when I saw the previous photos, the products design looked tacky with the logos overload. However, in real life photos the products look chic and luxurious.

Gucci makeup beauty line preview  fall 2014I am also happy to see black and gold, the colours that I was hoping to see in the design. Plus the photos certainly set the right mood.

The compact on the photo above looks exactly  as I’ve imagined Gucci makeup would look. Is it a powder? A blusher or an eye shadows palette? Who cares, when it’s such a beaut to look at.

There is one more photo, and I have to say that I even like the lipsticks and nail polish design now. The logo motives  look more delicate, than on the first promo.  After all, I love my Gucci bag with logos all over it, which is clearly the brand’s signature “thing”, so why can’t I like a lipstick with the same design?

There is also a sneaky preview of the foundation. Looks nice, no?

Gucci makeup beauty line preview  fall 2014 1The photos are from Gucci’s Instagram, and I can’t wait for more details.

1 thought on “Official Gucci Beauty and Makeup Photos”

  1. It definitely looks much better. The compacts are very luxurious, but I still don’t like the packaging of the lipstick. That’s still overwhelmed by the logo.

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