Old Beauty Habits and Favourites

Today’s post is a bit different from what I usually post, but I just wanted to share.

Yesterday I’ve spent several hours going through my makeup and beauty products. And having more “OMG WHY DID I EVER BUY THIS?!” moments than I’d like to admit.

The thing is that I wanted to: a) organize things better, b) give away some stuff  to my aunt; she asked, c) throw away products that have gone bad/I don’t need etc.

Mosaic Splendor Powder in Natural Bronze blush makeup4all

And here is what I’ve found. One of my favourite “blushers” from six or seven years ago.  It is called Mosaic Splendor Powder in Natural Bronze. The thing is that I used to think that such shades suit my light cool tones skin the best 😉  In fact, I remember that I used to pile it on like there is no tomorrow.

By the way, here is a review of Chanel’s Joues Contrast, which is also a warm toned blusher from 2010 with horrible photos, and, oh dear, a selfie. It is really nice to see how Makeup4all has improved over the years (It turns 5 this month!!!)

I am actually  happy that I’ve started wearing berry, plum and pink shades of blush more now. Not that I don’t use peach/orange/bronze but I definitely moderate that.

Also, I like  the fact that I am more careful with my purchases now and don’t rush & buy yet another super-limited edition product just because 🙂

And how did your makeup & beauty habits and favourites change during the last years?

6 thoughts on “Old Beauty Habits and Favourites”

  1. I remember when I won a nice present when you were celebrating your blogiversary (3rd I think) and it was the final push to start my own blog. I am so glad that you inspired me to venture into blogging, now it’s a big part of my life. Thanks Marina and I wish you many more years and makeup4all to be even more successful! <3

  2. Marina, thanks for starting my day with a big belly laugh! 😀

    I’m kind of shameless about past choices and even continue to use white on the waterline (hello 90s hangover) and black lipstick (hello teenage goth phase) to this day! lol I just seem to add new things to like? E.g. I regret avoiding red and pink tones on my eyes for so long — for the past year they’ve been my favourites.

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