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Today I want to share about Fabagora, which is a destination for anyone who loves jewelry. Fabagora jewelty website promoTo introduce the website, I’ve decided to ask Kevin Hamilton, the owner and founder, some questions.

Makeup4all: ” Could you please tell us more about Fabagora? What inspired you to start it?  Can you share your experience with us?”

Kevin: “The idea for the company came from me and my mother’s desire to work together. We wanted to bring our experiences together for a long time and we found that online jewelry was such a perfect market for the two of us. I brought a lot of personal knowledge and experience in ecommerce, online marketing, technology and corporate ownership while she brings a lot of personal experience in accounting, fashion, and jewelry. Together we were able to launch Fabagora with some really amazing deals. We’ve had quite a bit of success and we’re always looking for ways to improve! It’s really been an incredible experience to bring such an amazing product to market with someone that I care so much about. It changes our perspective on business. We’re not looking to take advantage of anyone. Our goal isn’t about being as profitable as we can. We want everyone to enjoy our products! We’ve been blessed the past year to live comfortable while thoroughly enjoying what we do! We’re so thankful for that opportunity.”

Makeup4all: What are the best seller items? What, in your opinion, is the reason for that?”

Kevin:These products literally fly off the shelf! I think it’s because they are unique, beautiful and match nearly any outfit. They are all perfect for any occasion! We have a devout following for our large collection of unique necklaces, pendants and especially bracelets so once we started getting our products out on the market, word of mouth quickly made these items our top sellers!”

fabagora Love and Heart Necklace jewelryLove and Heart Necklace and  Golden Buckle Bracelet

Makeup4all: “What are your personal favourites?”

Kevin: “My personal favorite items are below. They are so beautiful and stylish without being overwhelming- truly something that I haven’t seen in a long time!”

fabagora Evening Teardrop Pendan jewelryt

Toggle Pave Heart Necklace and Evening Teardrop Pendant

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