Optimistic Blush and Lipstick

I can get inspiration for the posts pretty much from everything, and often it is music.

The other day I have been listening to this song (The Echo Friendly “Panic” here)  with the  following lyrics: “Put on my blush and lipstick and try to look optimistic”.I was having a rough time, so it made me think…

Makeup can be seen [and often is] as something shallow, and vain, but it is not necessarily so. If it makes you feel better, and lifts up your spirits, why not using it?

Optimistic Makeup Pink Daniel Sandler Blusher and Lipstick Givenchy

Of course, it won’t change the situation, but it can be a great distraction, and even “help”, during the worst times.

I think it is easy to get all apathetic when it’s hard to see the reasons to keep going. But, when you make an effort and put on makeup, do your hair and nails, and spritz your favourite perfume – it makes a difference. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. After all, how can looking bad when you feel bad can help?

And… what are my “optimistic” shades of blush and lipstick. Definitely hot pink!

I have chosen Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Creme -Rouge Blusher in Hot Pink – it instantly “lifts” and brightens the whole look. Good base and a touch of this pink – and no one(who doesn’t need to) will ever know what you are going through (who needs those “everything will be good” and “don’t think about it” brilliant advice?!). And, most importantly, you will see yourself differently.

As for the lipstick – I’d go for my  Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick 302 Hibiscus Exclusif, it is a bright pink, but not neon to scream for attention. Plus, I personally am a huge fan of this line in general.

Now, that the makeup is sorted – you only need to remember that it won’t always be this difficult and hard… Just give it time. No matter what you are going through – there is always hope.

I’ve tried to take some photos of myself with the products applied several times, but the flash killed all the effect, and it’s too dull to take photos without. So, enjoy the beautiful makeup on Keira Knightely by the legend Mary Greenwell.

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  1. I fully agree with you 100% Putting on some makeup, dress up and making ourselves look better helps us feel better. Nevermind that it seems superficial, it boosts our spirits and our confidence and that will ultimately help us heal and surmount difficulties in the end. Chin up, girl 🙂

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