4 Ways to Look as Young as You Feel

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There is a saying: “Age is just a number”.  And, indeed, it is true.  Growing older is a privilege, as not everyone can be in their  40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

We  feel young inside, no matter the age. For this reason, here are a few  tips on how to feel great and look young at any age!

1. Find The Colours That Suit You

It’s great to experiment with different colours and styles of clothing when we are younger. But, as we grow older, we learn  which style in clothing makes us feel  fabulous. As well, as  which specific colours and colour combinations make us look and, as a result, feel great.

It is quite easy to determine that. The shade which suits you will make your skin look glowy and healthy. The colour will be in harmony with your natural colouring and will brighten your complexion. Moreover, “your colours” can knock off a few years.  You can find out your palette  by yourself.  Or with a little bit of help from your friends and family.  If you find that challenging,  it’s always a great idea to book a consultation with a stylist.

2. Take Great Care of Your Skin

A lot of us had evenings where we fell asleep while watching telly and went  to bed with our  makeup still on. But to look as young as you can for as long as possible, you have to be diligent with your skincare. You simply have to be to wearing sunscreen every day. And don’t forget about removing your makeup every evening, and cleansing your face thoroughly. It is also  important to use products specially formulated for acne skin if that problem occurs.

Unfortunately, acne and blemishes are not just for teens; you can break out at just about any age. To look your best and feel confident in your skin, look for adult acne products that are easy to use and effective.

For example, the Unblemish products from Rodan and Fields can be a key part of any adult acne skincare routine. Remember, the best skin care routine for acne is the one you will actually want to do, so look for

Red Nails: Essie Russian Roulette

Eyeliner + mascara and red nails are the most “me” makeup products. I feel my best when I am wearing good eye makeup and a good red nail varnish.

I have had a few favourites during the years, such as:

And now it’s time to share my favourite red of 2021 so far!

And it is…

Essie 61 Russian Roulette Nail Polish

I mean,

BY TERRY Crayon Khol Terrybly in Brown Stellar

By Terry Ligne Black Star is probably my favourite black eye liner. And I am also the biggest fan of the pencils from the brand. This is why I would love to share about Crayon Khol in 2 Brown Stellar.

I like this pencil so much that after I’ve lost mine a few weeks after getting it (how do you even do that?) I had to get a new one straight away.

So why is it so special?

It is really long-lasting. The kohl stays on all day on me. But, at the same time, the formula is really soft, it glides on without dragging the skin. You can

Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Forest Palettes

I am finally sharing about the newest Rouge Bunny Rouge Enchanted Forest palettes. They come in a sleek cardboard packaging with a handy mirror inside. As always, the design is exquisite.

There are four different colour ways to choose from: neutrals, forest inspired shades, red and honey tones, and a blue with highlighter + matte shades. As you can see, I have been sent all four to share with you.

In addition, I was also given a 20% discount rbr-blogq1 code which is. It is valid until the end June. I am not affiliated with the brand and don’t get any profit out of this. The code is valid for all products.

Let’s take a look at the palettes:

Independent Beauty Review: Conscious Skincare

During the lockdow(s) I have been on mission to discover independent/small beauty brands, and to share them with you. And here is the first feature in the series.

Before we start, I have to mention that I’ve bought all the products myself and am not affiliated with any of the companies. This way I can be unbiased and feature the businesses that I genuinely love.

The first brand we are gonna talk about is Conscious Skincare, a Welsh brand, already mentioned here.

The products I have are Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Oil, £14 and  Grapefruit Lemon and Cedarwood Body Butter, £15. And, let me tell you, I am