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Terre d’Oc Milky Make-up Remover Oil Review. Rave

Nicola from Tender Loving Skincare kindly sent me two products from the gorgeous terre D’Oc range and I have already written about the Plum Tree Blossom Milky Perfume so today I want to tell you about the Milky Make-up Remover Oil.

Cleansing balms and oils that transform into milk when contact with water are my favourite cleansers actually!

This particular one, which is from the ‘Japanese’ terre d’Oc range, was inspired by the “saho” double cleansing ritual.   Milky Make-up Remover Oil  is one of the best I have ever tried.

I warm it in my hands and massage it in a circular motions. It feels a bit sticky, almost as if I apply honey on my face, but I kind of like that feeling. It also smells amazing (floral scent), probably my favourite skin care scent I have ever come across with.

After massaging for some time, I remove it with water and flannel. It does turn into milk and is easily removed. My skin feels really clean and soft afterwards, the product doesn’t dry it out.

I always take

Best Skin and Hair Care Products Of The Year. Allure Version

Best of Beauty Master List. After testing thousands of beauty products, Allure  named their 182 undisputed favorites.  I’ve picked some items from the list and I will tell you why these products. Part 1 about Makeup products. Part 2 Skin and Hair Care.


Dry Skin

Lancôme Galatée Comforting Milky Cream Cleanser ($30 to $47, depending on size) is a soothing, moisturizing lotion.

Why I picked this item: I have dry skin and I know that Lancome’s skin care is really worth trying

Lancôme Galatée Comforting Milky Cream Cleanser

Body Lotion

Johnson’s Softlotion Extra Care Healing Lotion ($4.99) smells powdery and a touch sweet, like the skin of a five-month-old. A few pumps is all you need to cover your entire body.

Why I picked this item: I LOVE their products and I am using some of them right now. But I never tried this one before.

Johnson's Softlotion Extra Care Healing Lotion

Hand Cream

Helioplex? In a hand cream? Say no more. Neutrogena Age Shield Hand Cream SPF 30 ($5.99) absorbs in an instant, leaves our hands smooth for hours, and wards off sun spots.

Why I picked this item: