Pantene Breakage Defence Range Review

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am on a mission #BeautifulHealthyHair. I have already spent a lot of effort (and money) on that, and I can definitely see the results. My hair dresser agrees, which makes me extremely happy…

Pantene Breakage Defence Range shampoo conditioner tonic

I was actually sent Pantene’s Breakage Defence products back in Autumn, and decided to give it a try several weeks ago.This is the range after which you should experience 97% less hair fall. And I have shampoo, conditioner and hair strength tonic.

I have to say that my hair is in a much better condition, but it’s due to a lot of factors (I should probably write about my experience in several weeks), but I do like this range. If you are looking for an affordable and nice hair products – these  are worth considering.

Shampoo smells really nice, washes the hair throughly, and there is no need to wash it after a day, which I absolutely hate, and which often happens to me with cheap(er) hair products. I think this is one of the best shampoo in this price range that I have tried.

Conditioner is lovely, as well, it leaves my hair smoother and shinier, and of course, more manageable.

Pantene Breakage Defence Range shmapoo and conditioner ingredients

I am just a bit confused why Alcohol Denat is the first ingredient in the Hair Strengthen Tonic, but I didn’t have any bad reactions, and I have a sensitive scalp. You should use up to 15 pumps all over the scalp, and massage it for some time. It should be used daily, but I use it every other day when I wash my hair, as I don’t like putting to much products in my dry hair.

Pantene Breakage Defence Range hair strength  tonic ingredients

It is available from Boots.

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