Pantene Pro V Aqua Light Shampoo Review

So many people who’s opinion I trust were raving about this shampoo.  BBB even named this a shampoo of the year. Of course I was curious and had to buy one to give it a try.

So what about my impression?

To tell the truth, at first I hated it because it made my scalp very itchy for some reason but I’ve decided to keep on using it to see what happens.

It was much better later so I am happy that I did not give  it up immediately. In my opinion it’s  a nice shampoo, it washes the hair nicely. The hair looks nice after it and is not greasy for at least two days. I also like the nice scent of Aqua Light.

For the price it’s definitely a good product although not the best shampoo that I’ve tried obviously. And, yes, I think I would buy other products from the line to try them.

And have you tried it? Do you love it? Do you think there is a huge difference in  cheap and expensive shampoos?

3 thoughts on “Pantene Pro V Aqua Light Shampoo Review”

  1. I have a question,if this is not a revolutionary shampoo than which one would you say is a special one? And what type of hair is yours?

    1. Oh, yes, Selma, I should have written about my hair type, of course. I have fine long and straight hair. I can’t say that I’ve found a “revolutionary shampoo” (hopefully yet) but I like L’Oreal Professionnel products.

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