Pantone Colour of 2017: Greenery

I have actually posted this on Facebook and Twitter already but why not mentioning it here, as well?

Check out the Pantone colour of the year РGreenery. What do you think of it?  Expect to see a lot of beauty products this shade of pistachio green, like the shown below butter LONDON nail varnish.


Speaking of nail polishes, back in 2012 a very similar but a bit more pastel pistachio was the hottest shade for manicure, every brand would bring out a shade like that, and this one was my personal favourite. I remember how I’ve created a whole list with over 20 variants of nail polishes of this shade, and was looking for it everywhere but then realised that it was a part of a beauty Magazine for Spring 2012 which was never released.

I miss the good old times with the magazines but I simply don’t have time for that now, unfortunately. However, this made me think that I’ve never published some interviews I have collected for the unpublished issue, so I better do it this month.

This is actually the colour scheme of my bathroom.

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