Paul & Joe Midsummer Nights Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

Paul & Joe never fails when it comes to bringing out the most beautiful makeup collections.  Their collection called Midsummer Nights is not an exception, it is absolutely stunning!

This collection includes:

Shimmering Pressed Powder G

Lip Gloss G:

  • Lip Gloss G (001) Love Potion, the perfect pink to swipe on for day or night with a light Strawberry & Vanilla flavour
  • Lip Gloss G (002) Fairie Kisses, a bright yellow gloss that appears translucent on lips with a light Green Apple & Vanilla flavour
  • Lip Gloss G (003) Dream A Little Dream, an enchanting orange sherbet tint with a creamy cool Orange & Vanilla flavuor

 Face Color G

  • Nymph (001), a pop of pink to add a bold burst of color
  • Nubile (002), a soft, flirty peach to flatter every skin tone
  • Faune (003), a deep rose to create elegant contours

 Shimmering Body Lotion G

Cooling shimmering body lotion

Nail Enamel

  •  Fairie Queen (028), specs of glittering pale pinks, purples and blues perfectly pepper this shimmering translucent shade
  • Sprite (029) , a watery, whimsical shade of pastel green dotted with pearls of precious pink adds a gradated finish to fingers.
  • Pixie (030), striking silver sparkles create a holographic effect that creates depth and dimension on any manicure.
Self Select Eye Color
Six new eye shadows and three LE shimmery eye shadows that can be worn on top of other shades.

 Blotting Paper, Limited Edition design

I want the Faerie Kisses lip gloss, of course, and am also curious about those shimmering eye shadows that can be layered on top of others.

This collection should be available from  (from the May) and from the 1st June.


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