Paul & Joe New Lipsticks and Cases for Autumn 2012

How cute are these new Paul & Joe  lipstick cases and how beautiful are the lipsticks themselves?

I’d definitely want that first design for myself!

The lipsticks themselves are divided into three groups: full, sheer and natural.

Full Coverage
  •  301 Mon Mimi, a sexy and sophisticated nude
  •  302 Retro, nostalgic and necessary pink-beige
  • 303 Silk Stockings, a delicate and beautiful vermillion red
  •  304 Rouge, the truest red that absolutely oozes sex appeal
  •  305 La Vie en Rose, a modern twist on fuchsia
  •  306 Avenue Montaigne, elegant Bordeaux, timeless and edgy. Named after the famous Paris street and home to Paul & Joe’s flagship shop
  •  307 Cathedral, a classic deep, red- chocolate
 Sheer Category
  • 101 Secret D’or, a pretty touch of “sheer” golden shine
  •  102 Sheer Bliss, succulent, fresh and perfect on every pout
  •  103 Just Peachy, a faint, juicy orange that flatters everyone!
  •  104 Mademoiselle, a ladylike and graceful pink with elegant shine
  • 105 First Kiss , a pink with pop that adds flare to every pucker

Natural Formula 
  • 201 Potpourri, natural and sexy beige, perfect for day or night
  • 202 Prêt-à-Porter
  •  203 Petite Princess, a completely kissable sherbet hue
  •  204 Toujours Heureux, a juicy orange shade that means “always happy” in French; simply apply and start smiling
  •  205 Strawberry Jam, a sweet, fruity and rich coral red
  • 206 Joie de Vivre
  •  207 Grapevine, soft pink that packs just the right amount of punch
  •  208 Le Marais, a classic and cool sepia tone

I personally love all the dark shades from the Full Coverage range and 102 Sheer Bliss with 105 First Kiss from the Sheer category. What about you?

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