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Paul & Joe Sahara Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Lets take a look at the beautiful Sahara collection by Paul & Joe for summer 2010 which is already available.

Here are the products:

Shimmering Body Lotion – 100 ml, $35

Just in time for warm weather to keep your skin radiant and moisturized all summer long. This Sahara Desert inspired lotion heals your skin in style as it reflects the exotic glow reminiscent of the Saharan sand. Formulated with polymers and large-particle gold frost, this shimmering lotion makes creates a healthy shine that lasts for hours on end.

Emery Board Summer 2010, $5

The Paul & Joe Emery Board is a new double-sided file that will keep your nails in shape and your makeup bag in style. This fun, modern, emery board will make manicuring your nails a feast for your eye’s… and whoever’s watching.

Finishing Powder, $35

Finishing Powder is formulated with crystalline cellulose and spherical powder to prevent an oily shine and blended with Paul & Joe’s exclusive “SECRET D’or” that adds a long-lasting, sublime glow. Use this stylish finishing powder to achieve the ultimate natural skin finish under any weather condition.

Nail Enamel, $14

Lipstick S

Perfect to create sultry summer lips. Inspired by beautiful Saharan sunsets, Lipstick S will bring out the romantic side in you. This ultra-hydrating lipstick includes a “clear veil oil” for a gorgeous shine and “moist capture oil” to soften and smooth. Available in three shades of pink, these lipsticks are a must have this summer!

Blotting Paper 2010 Refill – 1 set, $5

The Paul & Joe Blotting Papers contain 100 sheets and can be used alone or inside the blotting paper case that features an always useful mirror. Not only designed for use on-the-go, this Blotting Paper Refill comes in chic and on-trend packaging! The beautiful pattern is inspired by Paul & Joe’s 2010 stunning runway print so you can be fashionable whenever, wherever!

So what do you think? I really love the Oasis nail polish and would love to try the beautiful body lotion.

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