Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief by Origins. Review

Origins peace of mind

Peace of Mind On-the-spot relief

When the world closes in on you and your head feels a size too small, apply just two dabs of Origins mind-clearing formula on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes. You’ll feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to feel as if they melt away.

How to use: Place two small dabs on fingertips. Take a deep breath to experience Peace of Mind’s stress relieving aromas. Massage into the back of neck, earlobes, and temples (closer to the hairline than to eyes).

What do I think:

I got this product from a friend and I can’t say how happy and thankful I am. I have no idea how I lived without Peace of Mind before. I have problems with sleeping and sometimes (ok, most of the time) it’s hard for me to control my emotions etc.

Peace of Mind is now among my most favourite products. I felt in love from the very first time I used it.  It really works! The scent is amazing and it helps me to relax and forget about the problems. Just do everything what is said. Use a small amount of product, massage you neck and temples and take a deep breath. Now I always have this products in my bag  just in case, you know 😉

Althought the bottle contains only 15 ml it will last for a long time because you need just a tiny amount of product.  Plus now I would really love to try other products from Peace of Mind line.  I am dreaming about Relaxing massage oil I have a BCA design and now Origins has a special design for holidays. Be sure to get yourself one!

You can check out Origins here

origins peace of mind holidays

By the way if you used something that has similar effect please share! If that really works I’ll be sure to get such product for myself.

3 thoughts on “Peace of Mind On-the-spot Relief by Origins. Review”

  1. I have been using origins temple balm for years I was in the store one day and the girl from origins gave me a tester that was me hooked line and sinker. Even if I don’t have a headache this just relaxes me the smell is Devine. I beg you to try it you won’t be dassapointed x

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