Pearlescents by The Body Shop. Fall 2009

Pearlescents Blush Trio

  1. Cool Dusk
  2. Warm Sunset

+ eye trio, lip colour and eye definers

Pearlescents Eye Trio

  1. Moonlight Lustre
  2. Sundown Glow

Colourglide Lip Colour

  1. 14 Pink Ginger
  2. 10 Soft Heather
  3. 49 Berry Shimmer
  4. 50 Golden Apricot

Eye Definers

  1. Brilliant Blue
  2. Vibrant Emerald
  3. Shimmering Steel
  4. Burnished Amber
  5. Glowing Amethyst

photos are taken from you can also check there other photos .

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