Perfect Yellow Nail Polish. Review and Swatches

creation nail design yellow nail polish

What is written:

* Creamy consistency guaranties easy application, consistent coverage, shine and long lasting finish

* Quick-drying formula

* UV filters protect nail polish colors from fading

What do I think:

I was looking for a perfect  yellow nail polish for several weeks. At last I found it!  I never heard about this company before but wanted to give it a try.  Nail polish is called Creation Nail Design and the brand is Vipera Cosmetics. As I was told later this is a company from Poland. The lady in the shop told me that this nail polish is just perfect with great color that lasts for several days. But everyone tells that. Is it really true?

I have to say that I had big doubts about it. But this nail polish is even better than she told.  I like the desin and the brush. To get the bright  vibrant color you have to apply it 2-3 times. But don’t be afraid because  I dries very fast! And it stays on for a long time! On the photo you can check my nails after  3 days of wearing the nail polish without a top ( I was too lazy for it)

And I have to say that I forgot when I heard so many awesome compliments about my mani 🙂 So I would recommend you to try it yourself. Bring the sun to your autumn days!

Would I get it again:

For sure

You can check out Vipera Cosmetics nail polish here

Mine is 538 and I got it for about $ 4.

creation nail design yellow nail polish (1)

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