Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Review and Photos. Rave

I’ve been using Philip Kingsley’s PK 4 HAIR vitamins for three months and have been seeing great results (will do a review later), so have decided  to try the brand’s cult product which is Elasticizer.

I’ve got the smallest tube ( £12.25 for 75 ml), to see how I like it before getting a full sized product.

I don’t have damaged or colour treated hair to begin with, but I do see great results anyway. Although, you should leave it for 10-20 minutes, I usually leave it on for a longer time while I am doing some kind of work around the house ( I use it in the evening). And then shampoo, as usual.

Usually (90%) I let my hair dry naturally and don’t style it in any way but, once again, I can see that my hair is soft, shiny and in a great condition, as if I have just visited the salon! It is definitely so much better than most hair products I’ve tried before. I actually don’t use conditioners as don’t see any results, but this is very different.

I also like that my hair doesn’t get greasy  on the second day, as it can be with some other hair care products. Instead it is is well nourished, silky and lovely, almost like in a hair care advertisement. I think it does exactly what is promised, no wonder that so many people love it.

Plus you don’t really need that much of a product (at least I don’t) so it will last you for some time. I will be definitely investing in a full sized jar.

I am actually shocked that I am getting compliments about my hair, as it never really happened before. I think it’s the result of the vitamins and this treatment.

Available from Feel Unique and Net A Porter.


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